Our Approach

Feet and legs are often exposed through our contemporary lifestyle one-sided strains. In everyday-life and during work we stand and sit to much. Therefore feet and legs are not really activated and become heavy and tired. To relief and wellbeing can lead besides a balanced diet and enough movement also the right socks.

The right socks can support our feet and can contribute to an healthy wellbeing. VITANESS has developed in colaboration with scientific experts a new generation of modern, health-supporting functional socks for different areas of application. They can help your feet to get along better with the diverse strains and requirements in different situations and periods of life.

Do something good for your feet.

All products have been specially developed for different needs and situations. VITANESS is the contemporary solution for people conscious of health and quality and who want the best for their body. VITANESS socks are fabricated in an elaborate production out of an optimal mixture of best natural yarn and modern, efficient functional fibre. They guarantee through their breathable and skin-sympathetic caracteristics a perfekt and remarkably good feeling while wearing.

VITANESS products are not pleasant while wearing, but also they always offer a specific functional usage. Naturally they deliver a perfect fitting and high comfort of wearing.

VITANESS socks deliver a maximum of protection and care in many cases, for example a higher rate of safety while walking for elderly people. Special developed slip-inhibiting anti-slip-profiles under the soles of the feet reduce to potential risk of falling. VITANESS socks are ideal for diabetics who suffer under severe foot-problems. Also people who are constantly on the run, sit a lot or have problems with feet-hygiene will appreciate to noticeable benefits of the VITANESS products.

VITANESS actively captures with a new sock-philosophy the opportunities of innovative knit-technology and the latest findings of research in the textile sector and realizes them in products suitable for daily use. VITANESS delivers a sortiment of functional socks with specific usage in the sectors Health Care and Wellness

The sortiment consists out of special products that actively support both medical-therapeutic applications and wellness-orientated applications This is proved by scientific studies.

The sortiment of VITANESS gives a programm of a new tyoe of socks with specific usage as e.g. more health, skincare oder protection.

There are products for the following areas of application:

- security of walking / fall-prevention
- diabetis
- feetcare
- aroma-therapy / wellness

High quality and noticeable comfort while wearing

VITANESS socks give a positive contribution for the reliefing strained feet, e.g. through extraordenary soft plush in the inside of the sock und almost invisible seams in the front section of the foot.

We fabricate with modern technology and qualified personal exclusively in Germany. This guarantees a high standard of quality.

High percentage of skin-sympathetic natural fibre

Natural fibre supports the state of health especially for sensitive skin.

Ideal for people with feet-problems:

VITANESS socks are amongst others suited ideally for diabetics because they abstain from a hard gum in the cuff and have a soft comfort-forward section of foot. The linking of the tip of the socks is made - as in tradition - by hand. An elaborate procedure because hundreds a tiny little stitches have to be taken and linked together by hand. Only with this technique you recieve a flat and hence pressure-free seam that guarantees the VITANESS-typical and outstanding comfort of wearing. This impressive craftmanship that only few sockproducers in Germany master in perfection, illustrate our standard of quality.

Active fall-prevention and security of mobility:

VITANESS socks deliver a high comfort, but also an active security with diverse applications, as e.g. a high level of security while walking.

A special risk exists especially for people when they are walking - as it is often the case - in private residential environment but also in care home with common socks or without slippers. In this case there is a overproportional risk of falling. Special fall-inhibiting anti-slip-profiles unter the soles of the feet reduce the potential danger of falling during the day and especially during the night when leaving the bed. Of this security only the VITANESS GehSicher! socks clinically have given proof.

Special quality is found in detail

Washproof anti-slip-profiles on the bottom of the sock, that prevent an abrupt "deceleration" and falling. High-quality, breathable cotton and extra-soft cuffs that prevent cutting in and hence are also suitable optimal for diabetics.