VITANESS Safety Pants

Secures your mobility
Soften the impact of falling on the hip
Reduces the risk of hip-fracture
Protection ofa hip-fracture because of falling or hitting directly on the hip
Easy and comfortable to wear
Soft comfort cuff, stable even after many washings
90% hoch-quality, combed Egyptian cotton
Enhanced preparedness to wear - 24 hours day and night

When are people endangered of falling?

Due to ...

  - chronical disease, as e.g. arthritis, heart disease or depression
  - disturbance in walking or vestibular disorder
  - general bodily weakness
  - frequent dizziness
  - disorientation
  - visual disorders
  - already experienced bone fractures
  - regular intake of certain medicaments (soporifics, antidepressants, etc.)

Security in everyday life

The risik to get a hip fracture because of falling increases with ongoing age overproportionally. Wearing the hip-protection-system 'Safety Pants' regularly reduces the risk of a hip fracture provably.

Innovative protector

The 'Safety Pants Soft-Protectors' are made of a new type of synthetic material (Phase-Change-Material). This material distinguishes itself through its viscoelastic conduct from common material of protectors.

The protectors absorb the energy of the collision like a crumple zone: shockabsorbing effect.

Safety Pants protectors show at 25-40°C their ideal "adaptability".

The material of the protectors is neither too hard nor too soft, it adapts perfectly to the body contours, leads to an equally distribution of pressure and is therefore pleasant to wear.

The protectors are changeable.


In medical application, hygiene is an important criterion. Safety Pants protectors are uricproof. They are easy to wash with soap suds and to dry with warm air.

In order to prevent a soaking-up of the viscoelastic foam by incontinent users, the Safety Pants protectors are sealed by a waterproof foil.

Therefore it is recommendable to only rinse off the protectores shortly with water and afterwards cleaning it with disinfecting agents.

Safety Pants reduces the risk of a hip-fracture due to falling!

The significant reduction of fractures of the femur neck (up to 90%) was approven several times in different biomechanic studies.

The pants are made of fine cotton and Lycra. The protector is made of a viscoelastic synthetic material.

Safety Pants must sit well on the body so that the pads cover the femur necks directly and do not get out of place.

Easy application

The hip-protection-system Safety Pants can either be worn like normal underwear directly on the skin or over the underwear.
It is important that Safety Pants are worn constantly.

People that are specially endangered of falling and get up at night should wear Safety Pants 24 hours - day and night.

Women Sizes

S 35-38 (w*.: 60-78cm)
M 40 (w.: 68-88cm)
L 42 (w.: 80-98cm)
XL 44 (w.: 88-102cm)
XXL 46-48 (w.: 94-114cm)

Men Sizes

S 44-46 (w.: 60-78cm)
M 48 (w.: 64-86cm)
L 50 (w.: 72-90cm)
XL 52 (w.: 80-98cm)
XXL 54-56 (w.: 88-108cm)

*w = waist girth

**a 100% protection against femoral neck fractures or other injuries can even through wearing Safety Pants hip-protection not be guaranteed.

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