About Us

"The improvement of the quality of live in high age through more security in mobility, a reduced danger of falling and a better general well-being, that is our intention."

The urge to discover and to experience something new over and over again is an old necessity of the human. Mobility and the ability to adapt to new things is in that point of view the central powers of our development.

VITANESS is an innovative enterprise of the healt sector that bases on this basic thought.

In order that the urge to discover and experience new things is also possible in old age, VITANESS wants to offer reasonable products that protects and maintins the own mobility as long as possible. Because the own feet and legs still are the best guarantors for an independent movement and mobility. That is why movement is so important - also in old age.

Hence in our focus stands the wellbeing and active participation of the generation 50+ in everyday life und in their personal living environment.

Elderly people often withdraw more and more from public life. Every step is thought about carefully. People of a certain age do not fear anything as much as falling. This is proven by several scientific studies. Many elderly people view the risk of falling as a normal and inevitable side effect of getting older.

But that is just partially true. It is true that natural mobility decreases by e.g. degeneration of the muscles with increasing age. With special exercise and as much daily movement as possible you can fight this back actively. Those mobility programms for more and safetier movement in everyday life can be supported usefully with products from the VITANESS programm such as the anti-slip-sock GehSicher!.

Our products have been developed specifically for different needs and situations. We offer a contemporary solution for health and quality oriented people. Our products are fabricated elaboratedly with use of modern and efficient materials. Thus they guarentee a high functionality, skinsympathetic characteristics and a perfect and noticeable good feeling of wearing.

During the development of our products we have been leaded consequently by the requirements and necessities of contemporary security of mobility, health of the feet and wellbeing.

Security of mobility and prevention of falling

Both are counted to the more and more important getting issues in senior and elder care, because falls and their consequences often mean severe personal consequences for the affected person and their relatives.

Our service

A reasonable, integrated and well-matched system for security of mobility, prevention of falling and care.